Workshop Activities

Prior to the workshop, accepted participants will be added to a shared Google Drive folder, through which the pre-workshop and the during-workshop activities will be facilitated. Pre-workshop activities will include participants mapping out their current understanding for how care and “care-ing” fit into their current research practices, relying on the prompts developed through the DIS 2018 workshop. These maps will be used to facilitate the activities on the day of the workshop.

This one-day workshop will entail the following activities:

First morning session.Disciplinary lens – What is influencing your perspective? We will engage with the multiple lenses and approaches for including concepts of care in our research practices. This will serve to broaden our understandings of how we can leverage these concepts in our own research, as well as to help us reach consensus about what we mean by “care” for the rest of the day’s discussions.

Second morning session.Methodological challenges – Where has care been challenged by approaches and methods used? We will push our thinking to consider how we practice research, and what we might need to change—personally, institutionally, and systemically—to approach our research from positions of care.

First afternoon session.Thematic alignment of care. We will aim towards a definition and set of perspectives for other researchers to cite and align their perspectives.

Final afternoon session.Journal special issue creation. We will write the CfP, identify where to elicit papers, and determine collaborations for paper submissions between workshop attendees.

Workshop wrap up and (optional) dinner.